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Best Mobile App Payment Gateways

he number of online store platforms has been increasing and you need to be up to date on these platforms so you can choose the most effective for your business model. You need to assess your needs and compare them what each site has to offer. Therefore, you need to consider the features, pros, and cons of each site before making a choice of a payment gateway.


What is a payment gateway?

At first, the payment gateway is a contracted interface for processing online transactions. They can be made either by credit card or by bill or debit in the checking account. The gateways make the connection between e-commerce and financial agents, which can be credit card operators or banks.

Below is a list of the best mobile app payment gateways that can serve as a guide to your decision.

1. PayPal

Leading the ranking is PayPal, Created by eBay to protect its users from scammers, PayPal is today one of the most widely used online payment and money-backing tools around the world. PayPal is a service that allows a person to send and receive payments over the Internet when selling or buying goods or services or making donations online. It is a secure system and most online services accept payment via PayPal.


2. Google Pay

Google Pay has the same features as PayPal today and is well recommended for those who like to use Google services in an integrated way. You can use the service to store credit and debit card information to buy online, in addition to receiving and making payments.

Currently, the service can only be used fully in the United States, but it is still possible to use it to make international shopping payments if you prefer.

3) Skrill

The Skrill can be used freely in the United States (and in more than 200 other countries) and offers practically the same features that we have with PayPal, one of its best alternatives today. You can receive and send money over the internet, in addition to being able to link your debit and credit cards.

The platform is one of the safest you could find and still charges relatively low fees on certain transactions.


4) Payoneer

Another platform that offers worldwide support is Payoneer, which ends up being used by freelancers who receive money from other countries. In fact, the service ends up being widely used by companies as the main method of international payment.

With the money received, it is possible to transfer to your bank or even to other users of the platform. Payoneer is not yet so popular, but it remains a great choice for anyone who wants to try something other than PayPal.

5) 2Checkout

2Checkout is a bit different from the services we have seen so far, as it does not allow money transfers between users. This platform is most commonly used by vendors looking for a more effective way to transact their sales.

2Checkout supports multiple credit and debit card flags, as well as being compatible with PayPal itself. Its rates are very low and the service can be used in almost 200 countries, making it a good alternative for online payments.

6) Selz

Selz works much like 2Checkout, also being one of the platforms of preference among sellers. It is a very safe and practical way to receive money from clients in fact, being also a great option for freelancers.

The platform works on a worldwide scale and supports approximately 190 different currency types, which is great for those who work with many foreigners. Your fees are very similar to those of PayPal.

7) Stripe

Stripe also works in many countries and ends up being one of the simplest options to receive and send payments over the internet. In addition, the platform offers the possibility of transactions by credit and debit card of most of the most used flags in the world. The rates for certain transactions are not very high.

8) Moip

The moip is not that well-known, but it’s a great alternative to PayPal, especially for those who are still afraid of online money transactions. We say this because it has used a very powerful tool to analyze and check for possible fraud.

There are many payment options too, from credit and debit cards (with the possibility of installment up to 12 times) to tickets and bank transfers.


What’s important to understand is that there are mobile app payment gateways that are best suited for each business model. All you need to do is check the features, the pros and cons of each platform and adapt them to the needs of your company. You will be able to get a solution that meets your needs with a high level of accuracy.

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